...the company
"Georg Springmann Industrial and Mining Technology GmbH"

is an innovative middle-sized firm, based at Müheim on the Ruhr.
The goal of the firm is the development, improvement, production, research, planning and marketing of highly specialised innovations in the plastic, rubber and metal hose product areas, as well as rotary joints, swivel joints, special fittings, soft material and stainless steel compensators, measuring and control technology and special products according to individual customer requirements.

...and its history

...the philosophy
The foremost aims of our activities are peak performance in technology and quality as well as flexible adaptation to the individual wishes and requirements of our customers world-wide.
The satisfaction of our customers results from innovation, assured quality and the extension of our product range as well as the further development of existing products.

The form "Georg Springmann Industrial- and Building components" was founded in 1972 by the present chairman, Georg Springmann - specialising in ready-to-install hoses and products for industry, construction and mining.
The takeover and integration of the firm Weinstein in 1978 enabled us to offer the complete range of metal wire braids for hoses and flexible pipes.
In 1983 the acquisition of the present factory space in Mülheim on the Ruhr enabled future expansion and the development of new production branches in the areas of metal hoses and rotary joints for continuous casting systems.
In January 1990 the firm was entered in the Mülheim register of companies under the new name "Georg Springmann Industrie- und Bergbautechnik GmbH".
This year also saw the founding of the Polish subsiduary for the extention of our eastern European activities.
In 1992 Dieter Warmbier joined the firm as a co-partner with procuration
Establishment of our products world-wide and the development of the export sector have been a large part of our activities ever since.

...and our partners
Because of longstanding intensive cooperation with famous plant builders in the steel, gas and chemical industries as well as investment in quality improvement and innovation, our products are installed as initial installations at home and abroad.
Thus, our products are furthermore in use in China, Japan, Indien, Brasilien, the USA, Venezuela, South Africa as well as almost all European countries.
Optimal teamwork and cooperation with competent partners set the basis for a product mix that is sucessful worldwide and the consolidation of our subsiduaries.
Experience from cooperation with our business partners flows into the continual optimisation of the existing product mix, challenging us to develop innovative, mutually compatible quality products and to integrate them as a logical completion of the product line.
Our customers have the great advantage of receiving complete solutions with different components from just one manufacturer and thus needing only one partner for technical support and advice.
We additionally fully guarantee functional safety for all components of our integrated product line.

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